Raven's Lair Products

The Erotic Body Map

$35.95 USD

I have developed The Erotic Body Map which is a training program to learn about your unique sensual body and develop ...

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The Sex Positive Training Program

$125.95 USD

Do you feel shame and guilt about your sex life, especially concerning masturbation?  Do you feel beautiful and ...

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Esoteric Adventures

$45.95 USD

Each of us has a journey in life that is uniquely our own. I have been called to this path and I love where it has ta...

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The Advanced BDSM Training Program

$20.00 USD

Have you been in the BDSM scene for a while and would like to learn some new ideas to play new exciting scenes?  ...

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The Body Image Healing Training Program

$65.95 USD

The Body Image Healing Training Program is for people who would like to feel attractive and beautiful. By completing...

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Intermediate BDSM Training Program

$15.00 USD

Once I learned how to create a BDSM scene, I realized there were many BDSM activities that I wanted to learn how to p...

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BDSM Basics Training Program

$39.95 USD

Do you know what your passion is in BDSM?  How would you like to create a sizzling hot BDSM scene with your sub...

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