Do you feel sexy?

Do you want to have more sexual energy?  In our busy lives we often get caught up in life and sex gets put on the back burner.  Learn how to recharge your sex life with a daily practice that takes 15 – 30 minutes per day to perform.  With this practice, you can recharge your sex energy. 

Feel Sexy Again

A Guided Erotic Meditation

Jus one of the tools to use to raise erotic energy.  The meditation guides you on an erotic journey to aid in building desires.

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Take a Ritual Bath

Learn the difference between a bath and a ritual bath.  A ritual bath adds a whole new dimension to bath time.

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Awaken the Kundalini

The Kundalini is the sleeping serpent within us that represents our sexual energy.  Learn techniques to awaken your sexual energy today.

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All The Tools You Need to Increase your Sexual Energy

The benefits include the following:

Generates a feeling of being connected.

Elevates one’s mood to feel happier.

Raises our sex energy and our desire for sex.

Raises our ability to be more mindful and fully present in our daily activities.

Become more impassioned with life and life activities.

Releases oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine which elevates our mood and brings more joy to life.

Brings radiance to our being.

Reduces feelings of being in a slump.  I no longer feel like I got out of the wrong side of the bed so to speak.

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Transform your life and start living a sex positive lifestyle!

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