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The Sex Positive Training Program Offer

Welcome to Living A Sex Positive Lifestyle!  I am Ladyboy Gigi and will be your guide through this training program.   I have developed this training series to create a sex positive world through sexual education.

This series includes many of my other training programs including The erotic Body Map, Body Image Healing, Sexual Affirmations, Raising Sexual Energy, Guided Erotic Meditation, and much more.

I was inspired to create this series to assist people in developing healthy attitudes and values in sexual expression, sexual health, and sexual pleasure.  A major concept that I embrace is that nature, the universe, higher power, creator, or whatever you believe in; designed the human body and brain to give and receive sexual pleasure.  Our neurological systems are designed for sexual enjoyment.  Our bodies are wired for ecstasy.  This is a gift from the universe.

Living A Sex Positive Lifestyle is a training program that teaches the process of learning how to reach our full potential in human sexual expression in order to reach new heights of ecstasy and form a deeper connection with our self and our partner(s).  Since human beings aren’t born with an operator’s manual, this training will serve as a substitute.  Through the exercises presented, you will gain insights into how both the masculine and feminine sexual bodies work at a physical and energy level.

Each training module the will focus on developing sexually healthy attitudes and values to become more attuned to your own unique form of sexual expression.  Due to the complexity of sexuality, there may be exercises that won’t fit your life, but give each exercise a trial run.  If it doesn’t apply, discontinue the practice and move on to the next.  There will be sections that you will discover insights and benefits.