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I am Ladyboy Gigi and I designed this training to assist people who want a healthy attitude and value system around consensual sexual expression between adults.  From living in a fairly conservative family and early sex negative social conditioning, I felt shame and guilt around sexuality and my body.

Yet, I had a gut feeling that religion got it wrong with the equation that sex = sin.  After years of studying ancient writings on sexuality, I learned a new equation, sex = sacred.  I turned away from religion and moved to a pathway that is spiritual.  I don’t know what your faith or religious beliefs are but I would like to offer my thoughts on what spiritual means to me.

We are energy beings living within a physical body.  The universe, nature, or whatever you believe created us, provided us with an amazing design.  We are designed to give and receive pleasure.  We are neurologically wired to experience sexual ecstasy if we so choose.

Today, I feel that it is a sin to turn away from the gift of healthy sexual expression between consenting adults.  In a way, it is a slap in the face of the creator to deny ourselves the experience of the freedom of sexual expression.

I learned how to transform from having a low self-esteem and feeling unattractive to living a life of celebrating my sexy body and having freedom of sexual expression.  Transform your life now.


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